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Update History

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V8.298 Feb 26, 2024

Fixed some maps types and removed some maps types.

V8.297 Feb 20, 2024

Some performance improvements.

V8.296 Feb 15, 2024

Added 16 new maps type:

Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard TopographyMaps type ID=2277
Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard OrthophotoMaps type ID=2278
Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard Satellite ImageryMaps type ID=2279
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2019 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2280
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2018 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2281
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2020 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2282
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2021 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2283
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2015 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2284
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2016 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2285
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW most recent aerial imageryMaps type ID=2286
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2009-2010 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2287
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2012-2013 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2288
Vlaanderen.be - Preliminary aerial imagery (Belgium)Maps type ID=2289
Vlaanderen.be - Wegenregister (Belgium)Maps type ID=2290
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW PICC numerical imageryMaps type ID=2291
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW shaded reliefMaps type ID=2292
V8.295 Feb 12, 2024

Some performance improvements.

V8.294 Feb 8, 2024

Added 4 new maps type:

Sedecatastro.gob.es - Ortho (Spain)Maps type ID=2273
Sedecatastro.gob.es - Topo (Spain)Maps type ID=2274
World Imagery Wayback 2023-12-07 WB_2023_R11Maps type ID=2275
World Imagery Wayback 2024-01-18 WB_2024_R00Maps type ID=2276

Updated Map Combiner: fixed some problems. Removed ECW and HDF4 support.

V8.293 Jan 25, 2024

Removed and fixed some maps types.

V8.292 Jan 13, 2024

Added 91 new maps type:

cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - modis satellite (Japan)Maps type ID=2182
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - landsat (Japan)Maps type ID=2183
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - hillshademap (Japan)Maps type ID=2184
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - earthdegital (Japan)Maps type ID=2185
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - slopemap (Japan)Maps type ID=2186
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - anaglyphmap_color (Japan)Maps type ID=2187
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - anaglyphmap_gray (Japan)Maps type ID=2188
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - sekishoku (Japan)Maps type ID=2189
Thunderforest atlasMaps type ID=2190
Strava Global Heatmap ride hotMaps type ID=2191
Strava Global Heatmap run hotMaps type ID=2192
Strava Global Heatmap water hotMaps type ID=2193
Strava Global Heatmap winter hotMaps type ID=2194
Wikimedia Maps DeutschMaps type ID=2195
Wikimedia Maps FrancaisMaps type ID=2196
Wikimedia Maps EnglishMaps type ID=2197
Wikimedia Maps NederlandsMaps type ID=2198
OpenStreetMap FreieTonne.deMaps type ID=2199
OpenStreetMap FreieTonne.de SeekarteMaps type ID=2200
OpenStreetMap OpenTopoMap DevMaps type ID=2201
OpenStreetMap Osmapa.plMaps type ID=2202
OpenStreetMap Webmapp.itMaps type ID=2203
Israel hiking map - hiking tiles EnglishMaps type ID=2204
Israel hiking map - mtbTiles EnglishMaps type ID=2205
Israel hiking map - hiking tiles HebrewMaps type ID=2206
Israel hiking map - mtbTiles HebrewMaps type ID=2207
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_altoadige_wgsMaps type ID=2208
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_abruzzo_wgsMaps type ID=2209
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_basilicata_wgsMaps type ID=2210
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_calabria_wgsMaps type ID=2211
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_campania_wgsMaps type ID=2212
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_emiliar_wgsMaps type ID=2213
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_friuli_wgsMaps type ID=2214
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_lazio_wgsMaps type ID=2215
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_liguria_wgsMaps type ID=2216
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_lombardia_wgsMaps type ID=2217
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_marche_wgsMaps type ID=2218
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_molise_wgsMaps type ID=2219
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_piemonte_wgsMaps type ID=2220
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_puglia_wgsMaps type ID=2221
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_sardegna_wgsMaps type ID=2222
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_sicilia_wgsMaps type ID=2223
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_toscana_wgsMaps type ID=2224
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_umbria_wgsMaps type ID=2225
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_vaosta_wgsMaps type ID=2226
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_veneto_wgsMaps type ID=2227
epsg.io map - Satellite 512pxMaps type ID=2228
epsg.io map - Street 512pxMaps type ID=2229
Carte-Geoportail IGN OrthophotoMaps type ID=2230
Carte-Geoportail IGN Parcellaire ExpressMaps type ID=2231
Geogratis.gc.ca - WMS-ToporamaMaps type ID=2232
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2023Maps type ID=2233
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2021Maps type ID=2234
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2019Maps type ID=2235
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2017Maps type ID=2236
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2015Maps type ID=2237
OpenStreetMap.hu turistautakMaps type ID=2238
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2000Maps type ID=2239
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2005Maps type ID=2240
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2013Maps type ID=2241
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2015Maps type ID=2242
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2018Maps type ID=2243
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2021Maps type ID=2244
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - openstreetmapMaps type ID=2245
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - SZT2022Maps type ID=2246
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Harta topograficaMaps type ID=2247
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Mozaic ortofotoMaps type ID=2248
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Laki OrtoMaps type ID=2249
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - MNTMaps type ID=2250
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Cadastral data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2251
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Cadastral data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2252
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Ongoing Field Work Data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2253
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Ongoing Field Work Data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2254
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Areas of Tbilisi SLR Project (Georgia)Maps type ID=2255
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Areas of Tbilisi SLR Project on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2256
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Protected area (Georgia)Maps type ID=2257
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Protected area on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2258
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Recreational area (Georgia)Maps type ID=2259
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Recreational area on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2260
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Address data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2261
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Address data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2262
Napr Maps - Transport - Roadway (Georgia)Maps type ID=2263
Napr Maps - Transport - Roadway on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2264
Napr Maps - Transport - Railway (Georgia)Maps type ID=2265
Napr Maps - Transport - Railway on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2266
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2005Maps type ID=2267
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2009Maps type ID=2268
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2010Maps type ID=2269
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2012Maps type ID=2270
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2016Maps type ID=2271
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2019Maps type ID=2272
V8.291 Jan 1, 2024

Added 20 new maps type:

OpenStreetMap.CH swiss styleMaps type ID=2162
OpenStreetMap.Fr open river boat mapMaps type ID=2163
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Aerial 2022Maps type ID=2164
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Aerial 2023Maps type ID=2165
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Pastels (OSM)Maps type ID=2166
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Greys (OSM)Maps type ID=2167
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Color (OSM)Maps type ID=2168
Here normal.day.trafficMaps type ID=2169
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Hausnummern Retina 512pxMaps type ID=2170
BBBike Map Compare - Optitool Truck (OSM)Maps type ID=2171
BBBike Map Compare - PharusMaps type ID=2172
BBBike Map Compare - S-Bahn Berlin (OSM)Maps type ID=2173
BBBike Map Compare - Sigma Topo (OSM)Maps type ID=2174
BBBike Map Compare - Sigma Cycle (OSM)Maps type ID=2175
Map of Serbia - Basic LatinMaps type ID=2176
Map of Serbia - Basic CyrillicMaps type ID=2177
Map of Serbia - Topo LatinMaps type ID=2178
Map of Serbia - Topo CyrillicMaps type ID=2179
Map of Serbia - Basic Latin HD 512pxMaps type ID=2180
Map of Serbia - Basic Cyrillic HD 512pxMaps type ID=2181


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