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Q: What is system requirement?
A:The operating system should be Windows.

Q: Can I use this software to download images from google earth?
A: No, it can only download images from google maps, not google earth. If you want to get google earth images, please try our another product: http://www.allmapsoft.com/geid.

Q: How can I get the lat/long info?
A: There are some methods to find the lat/long info:
1. If you use Google Earth, you can easily find the long/lat info on it.
2. On Google Maps, You can right-click a location on the map and select "What's here?" The coordinates of that location will automatically appear in the Search box at the top of the page.

Q: When downloading, a '403 forbidden' error comes, how to do?
A: This is google's protection mechanism, if you ask too many requests at one time, your ip will be banned about 24 hours. You can wait for some time or change an IP.

Q: When downloading, a '404 not found' error comes, how to do?
A: There are some reasons caused this error:
your version is old, you can get new version to try again;
There is no high resolution images on your downloading area;
You did not run it as administrator.

Q:How to use proxy?
A: In menu "Options", you can set proxy infomation, then you can use your proxy server.

Q: When downloading is broken, how to continue it?
A: Open the broken project, don't modify any patameters, including zoom, then click download, it will continue.

Q:Is Google Satellite Maps Downloader free?
A:No, Google Satellite Maps Downloader is a shareware, you can try it before buy. For trial version, the max zoom level is 13. For registered version, the max zoom is 21. (But for most areas, the actual max zoom level is 18)

Q:Is tech support free?
A:Yes! It's free for all.

Q:Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
A:No! All upgrades are free to registered users.

Q:How much is it?
A:Google Satellite Maps Downloader costs only US$ 39 per license.

Q:How to buy?
Click the link to buy now: Order now

Q:I have more questions - who should I write to?
A:Please send your additional questions to gsmd@allmapsoft.com



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